MXU 700i LE_EPS_Euro_2020

MXU 700i LE EPS Euro

$8,399 MSRP*

Offroad Performance

The MXU 700i LE EPS EURO is an impressive upgrade from the feature-rich MXU 700i EURO. Electronic power steering [EPS] improves driver maneuverability making it easy to tackle the most challenging terrain. Ground clearance and handling enhanced by our 14-inch alloy wheels with 26-inch tires. New paint and graphics for an overall sporty appearance. Euro Series safety features include. an extra safe combined braking system and an anti-theft lock for the steering.


MXU 700i LE


Dual rear/tail brake lights

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Dual high/low beam headlights with LED markers and dual rear brake/tail lights

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Relocated fuel cell for improved weight distribution and stability  

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Dual 4-wheel independent suspension

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Built in storage compartments in each  front fender (lockable)

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1 Year Limited Factory Warranty

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