AK550i ABS

$10,399 MSRP*

The Thrills of Touring


AK550 integrates "innovation and breakthrough", "lifestyle and performance", "luxury and practicality", and "comfort and convenience" in perfect unison to provide riders with unparalleled riding experiences.

Strategic Center OF GRAVITY

AK 550 has the lowest center of gravity in its class. All body components are engineered to give the vehicle a near 50/50 front to rear weight distribution for perfect balance. This strategic placement of the center of gravity provides the most solid foundation for riders to pursue its ultimate handling capability.

Powerful 550cc TWIN
Cylinder Engine

AK 550’s newly designed 550cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder DOHC 8V engine is silky smooth and highly responsive. Its 53 HP output generates powerful acceleration as well as impressive top speed.  The power delivery is tuned to suit both spirited adventure riding as well as pleasant touring.

Performance Oriented Chassis

AK 550 features upside-down fork front suspension with dual disc Brembo caliper brakes. It keeps the vehicle agile and steady during cornering and delivers stunning stopping power whenever needed.

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2023 AK 550i ABS


Dual Power Modes

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Gorgeous premium design and lightweight construction.

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Bosch ABS Braking System

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Captivating soundtrack that is crucial to delivering “The Thrills of Touring”

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Underseat space capable of storing one full-face helmet and one open-face helmet.

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Two Year Limited Factory Warranty

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3-Stage Heated Hand Grips

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Customize your Dashboard and Stay Connected with Noodoe

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2-Stage Adjustable Windshield

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Download Owner's Manual